Building Damage due to Explosions in Urban Environment

The manual covers building damage due to air blasts in urban environments. Generally, explosive damage assessment is a quite difficult process because experience in the topics of explosion mechanics and effects as well as in structural dynamics is needed. Furthermore, numerical simulations of blast effects and the structural behavior of buildings can be very time consuming and the required sophisticated tools are often not practicable. The manual provides a practical tool to enable quick assessments of building damages caused by explosions. It addresses a widespread audience like emergency measures personnel, governmental organizations conducting risk assessments or planners arranging security measures e.g. perimeter protection devices.

Schuler, D.: Building Damage due to Explosions in Urban Environment – Manual and Practical Application of the Blast Damage Assessment Tool, 15th International Symposium on Interaction of the Effects of Munitions with Structures, Potsdam, Germany, 2013

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