December 11th, 2005, Buncefield Fire – Quick Look Report

A major fire occurred on 11th December 2005 in a storage tank depot 40 km north-west of London. After being triggered by a powerful explosion, numerous tanks in which heating fuels and engine fuels were stored burned several days. The fire is being described as the largest fire incident in Europe since World War. The present assessment of information relating to the major fire in the Buncefield storage tank depot was produced shortly after the incident. Because of the uniqueness of the event and the copious visual image and press material, a briefly worded assessment of this information is of great interest to the emergency services.

Schuler. D.: December 11th, 2005, Buncefield Fire – Quick Look Report, Swiss Fire Brigade Association, Bürkel Baumann Schuler, Winterthur, 30th December 2005 (English Version)

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